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Water Products and Services

The importance of having water on a yacht or boat cannot be overemphasized
We are specialists in detecting any fault in watermaker equipment. We carry out watermakers installation and repairs. We offer 100% genuine watermaker products, whether small or big, and parts if the need to replace arises. We check for parts like filters and pumps and exterminate any dirt and carrying out necessary repairs. Benefits of properly filtered water are;

1. Fresh and safe water for bathing, cooking, washing and drinking purposes
2. Save you the cost of buying bottled waters for drinking or extra gallons for other activities.
We try as much as possible to install the best watermaker model needed for your yacht or boat. We don’t assume what’s best, we inspect and give you valid points to back up our reasons for our choice.

If your watermaker products need refitting, you don’t have to worry because we do that conveniently.

If you need our expert advice about purchasing any watermaker products in our company, we offer you our best advice based on the evaluation we carried out. You don’t need to worry about purchasing a fake watermaker or faucets anywhere. With Macmarine AC experts, we got your needs covered.


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